Meet A Member - Mark Rhino Smith

Meet a member, Mark Smith known as Rhino in the UK 1989 SINCE winning the Junior British Championships in Bodybuilding. The only Gladiator in the world with his own nickname before the show.
Photo credit, Dan Chapman

Born and raised in Acton, moved here with my wife Simone and my son Brodie in March 2008, then we had another son born April 2011. Moved to LA to pursue Acting.

I chose LA as I wanted a fresh new start and originally came here for a film I was attached that didn't end going ahead.

What do you miss most from home? My friends and family. The banter with all my pals, a good curry and Jamaican food and a good roast dinner..haha.

What was your first impression of LA and has it changed since, if so why?
My first impression of LA, was WOW the roads are freeways are big and the weather is great. My impression hasn't changed, still big to me, the beaches, the weather.

The biggest difference I finding living here compared to London, Queens Park is walking, jumping on the train to get into town in 20 mins, the driving. I feel a lot peeps here are preoccupied on their phones or day dreaming, hence so many car accidents.

My hidden gem in LA that I want to share with you is the screening room and ambience in Soho House,
and Aurora Foot and Body Massage, and UCLA running track and In and Out Burger haha.

What I would recommend to others before moving here, is to get your working papers in good order first, 01 visa, Green card etc, even come for a week or two first, if you are an Actor do Industry Hollywood to see if its for you before making the big move and then if you decide to, save some money to bring here and work here, so earn money whilst pursuing your dream and stay focused on the reason you came here.

You can find out more about me and what I am up to on the imdb link below and the Twitter and Instagram. Also Facebook, all are under Mark Rhino Smith.

Zootopia for Walt Disney took 75 Million in its opening weekend, the most Walt Disney has ever done, I am the RHINO in it, as the role of Officer McHORN.
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In April CRIMINAL will be in theaters, currently I am 
working on CRIMINAL MINDS, and just finished working Dr Dre on a huge company's first TV's show and just got back from Bulgaria filming a film called SECURITY with Sir Ben Kingsley and Antonio Banderas.

Last year was CREED, THE LAST SHIP, NCIS LA, before that was ARGO, BATMAN BEGINS, EASTENDERS, ROBIN HOOD and of course GLADIATORS as RHINO to name a few.


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