Meet Charlie Price from Cardiff, Wales, who moved to LA 3 years ago to pursue the acting dream! 

photography Leo Carmillio
Was there a particular reason you chose LA ?
It's undoubtedly where film and TV reigns. I also have had a life long obsession with old Hollywood, to be here with Bette Davis and Rita Hayworth would have been my perfect dream. 

What do you miss most from home?
The people.... Family and friends. I think every Brit would agree, even though its not a language difference, American culture is very different. I miss the humor, the pubs, the green country sides.

What was your first impression of LA and has it changed since? If so why?
"It's bloody massive" It was just so overwhelming! Its like the Hunger Games out here. Everyone lives in their spaced out districts and a lot of the time, don't venture far from it if they don't have to! I still think this... I just have accepted that everywhere takes at least half an hour.

What do you find the biggest difference is living here versus the UK?
I'm from Cardiff and moved to London young, so I have always lived in cities.... LA however is unlike any other city I've been to. That's mainly because of the lack of walking and amount of driving you have to do. There's minimal public transport so it really is a city that forces you to be car dependent.
Do you have a hidden gem in LA that you want to share with us?
That's one of the beautiful qualities of LA, it's so big that there's gems scattered all over the place! I'd give you my top 3;
- JET RAG on La Brea, a great vintage shop that has $1 sale on Sundays.

- WILDWOOD CANYON in Burbank, is a pretty tall hike with great views and rarely overcrowded

- TENANTS OF THE TREES cute bar in Los Feliz, I can walk from my house so maybe I'm biased ;)

What would you suggest to others who are thinking about making the move here?
Get in a car as soon as possible, it's overwhelming and scary at first but the longer you leave it, the harder it becomes!

Give it time.... it is quite the adjustment in many ways so be patient and you'll start to fall in love with the place.


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